St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s is our church; it sits (almost) at the top of the hill, roughly halfway through the village.  Set back from the main road, it is easy to miss if you are just ‘driving through’.

St Mary's

St Mary’s

The original parts of the building were built in the 14th century, but St Mary’s underwent considerable renovation in the 18th century.  The church has a chancel, nave, porch (south) and tower (west).  As you might expect from a building and site that is over 700 years old, there is also much history to be found.

At night, it is lit by a flood light that is sponsored by private donations;  it makes a truly magnificent sight.  St Mary’s is an essential part of Kentford’s heritage.  Whether you are a person of faith or not, please do all you can to help support St Mary’s for Kentford, and for future generations.

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