The Kennet River Ford

The Kennet River Ford

Kentford Past & Present

To read more about about our historic village, click here to download the Kentford Past and Present booklet in PDF format.  PDFs should open in most modern browsers.  The file is around 20MB so, depending on your connection speed, you may have to be patient.

Resident’s Memories

Are you a resident of Kentford or someone who has known the village for a long time with memories that you’d like to share?  If you are, we’d love to hear from you.  Send us an email at info [at] kentfordvillage.co.uk (don’t forget to replace the [at] with an @) and your memories could be included here for others to enjoy.

Take a look at this amazing old picture showing the old Bury Road river bridge.  The river ford is visible and so are sections of Kentford’s Pack Horse bridge.



A timeline of Kentford’s history is mostly available. The headings below link to a ‘period’ timeline
Axe48 Ancient History (10,000 BC – 500 AD)
Castle Post Classical Era (500 – 1500)

Modern History (1500 – Present)

Early Modern Period (1500 – 1750)
Mid Modern Period (1750 – 1914)
Contemporary Period (1914 – 2000)
Modern Day (2000 – current day)