A Decade of Growth

Did you know that, by the time all currently approved planning applications have been completed, Kentford will have more than doubled in size in terms of dwellings in a little under a decade?

Don’t believe it?  The details provided below support this claim:

YearApplicationAddressAddressSite TypeNotes
2014DC/14/2203/OUTLand Adjacent to The Kentford, Bury Road, Kentford34RedevelopmentReplaces existing homes
2014DC/14/0692/OUTLambert Grove41Green Field
2014DC/14/0585/OUTMeddler Stud63Green FieldApproved at appeal
2013DC/2013/0355/OUTKings Chase16-Originally allocated for light commercial
2013F/2013/0061/HYBKentford Lodge60Green Field
2007F/2007/0887/FULClifton Mews10Green Field
2007F/2007/0566/OUTFarriers Grange92Brown Field

So, as you can see, when all the approved development applications have been built, Kentford will have grown by around 282 homes in around 10 years.  These figures do not include any developments of less than 10 homes (which the authorities refer to as ‘in-fill’ and are conveniently not accounted for when considering growth).

Prior to 2005, the village of Kentford comprised of less than 200 homes.  In truth therefore, the village has likely grown by around 150% during the decade in question.

Technically, some of these new homes are in the Parish of Moulton.  However, this is just a technicality.  Farriers Grange and Lambert Grove are either within, or immediately adjacent to the village boundary of Kentford.  These developments are also within the county of Suffolk.  It is difficult therefore  to understand how they could be described as being part of Kennett (which is in East Cambridgeshire).  Historically speaking, the Business Park, Farriers Grange and Lambert Grove might be said to be in Moulton End?

Interestingly, FHDC is undertaking a Community Governance Review between now and Summer 2017.  Hopefully, the issues noted above can finally be resolved for clarification, and for the benefit of the residents/villages.  For further information, see Community Governance Review

Inevitably, growth of this nature raises some questions:

  • How has the village benefited from such a rapid expansion?
  • How have the infrastructure issues been addressed (road junction, traffic management, etc.)?
  • What new amenities do we have in Kentford to help support the new population?
  • New developments bring money to the region.  These ‘S106’ contributions are agreed between the authorities and the developers, and are intended to help address any negative aspects the new homes may have on the local area (e.g. roads, schools, amenities, green open spaces).  How much of this money (well over a £ million) has been spent in Kentford?  What improvements have you seen?
  • How is the loss of green field sites helping the region, local population and the natural environment?
  • Kentford has a largely unknown, hidden history and rich heritage (an 800 year old church, evidence of Anglo-Saxon settlement, etc.).  What is being done to preserve this valuable history for future generations?

Update: January 2017 – DC/16/1922/FUL  (5 new dwellings on Bury Road (the ‘Greenhouse’ vacant B1 Offices) has been approved by FHDC.  Does it not stand to reason that the loss of ‘commercial’/office space in Kentford means less local employment opportunities for residents? 

Update: March 2017 – DC/16/2723/OUT (2 new dwellings on Bury Road (the old Village Hall site) has been approved by FHDC.  Your nearest community facilities are in Moulton, Red Lodge, Freckenham or Kennett.

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