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Website Content Disclaimer

This website (www.kentfordvillage.co.uk) is provided for information purposes only.  For example, this website is used to notify the residents of news and events that will occur, or have occurred, in the local area.  However, please note the following disclaimers with regard to the content provided:

  1. The administrators of this site, do not accept any responsibility for inaccurate, missing or misleading information.  The information provided within this site is published on ‘in good faith’.  However, no guarantee can be provided regarding accuracy, correctness, etc.
  2. The administrators of this site, do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage and/or injury that may arise from the use of this website and/or the contents herein.
  3. The administrators of the site, are not responsible for the contents and/or views expressed by third parties and/or third party websites that either ‘link to’ this website or are ‘linked to’ from this website.
  4. It is your responsibility to verify all information contained in the pages of this website before taking any action based on the contents herein.

The administrators of this site, reserve the right to remove, edit and/or otherwise modify the contents of this website without prior notice.  In addition, the administrators reserve the right to ‘take down‘ (i.e. remove access to) this website at any time without prior notice.

Changes to the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy (see below) can be made at any time by majority agreement of the administrators.  Such changes will be posted to this section of the website at the earliest possible opportunity.  Your continued use of this site confirms your acceptance of any, and all, such changes.


The information provided on this site has been submitted knowingly and with the prior consent of the respective owners (where applicable).  Please note that reproduction of this website, in part or whole, or copying of the information contained herein, is not permitted except where express permission has been sought and granted.

The administrators will treat all such requests on a case by case basis.  Consultation with third parties (i.e. data owners) may be required before full consideration to such requests can be made.  The administrators reserve the right to refuse such requests without providing a reason, in order to protect the interests of third parties (i.e. data owners).

Notwithstanding the above, if you believe that the information contained in any article, post, or page, of this website has infringed your copyright, please notify the site administrator immediately.  Please provide full details of any such infringement so that the issue can be resolved promptly.

The majority of the information provided on this website in relation to planning, contacts details, etc. is public domain.  No copyright, ownership or other entitlement to such material is claimed or implied.

Privacy Policy

This website uses cookies to provide functionality and improve your experience.  You can opt out of using cookies if you would prefer not to allow them.  You will still be able to browse the pages and read the information provided.

You will never be asked to supply personal information to this website or to the site administrator.  Please do not provide any personal information to anyone purporting to be associated with this website.  Please be safe and secure online.

Notwithstanding the above, the administrators of this site may choose to provide an electronic forum and/or email notification system for use by the residents in the future.  If implemented, electronic registration (i.e. name, email address, password, etc.) for this service will be required.  However, even in these circumstances, this registration information belongs to you and must never be disclosed to any third party.

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