Parish Boundary Review (Closed)

An update will be posted once the outcome of the consultation is announced.

The following is an extract from a flyer circulated by Kentford Parish Council regarding the current parish boundary review (2017).  This flyer has been issued to all residents living within the area outlined in the boundary review (e.g. Kentford village, Farrier’s Grange, etc.).

To download a copy of the flier, please click here

“Dear Local Resident,

Kentford Parish Council have requested that the boundaries of its Parish should be reconsidered to better reflect the changing face of Kentford village, enabling the better representation for the village residents.

In response, the District Council have begun a consultation over 4 possible options. You may well have seen their paperwork and be planning to respond.

Kentford Parish Council would like to hear your views on the matter so we can represent your collective wishes.  Ultimately, if there are any changes to boundaries, it is dependent on the views of residents.  We need to submit Kentford Parish Councils opinion in early May, to do so, we need to understand your thoughts to direct our decision. The Council have discussed the matter at length and in summary (please see map of boundary options overleaf):-“

Kentford Parish Council