Our other Woodland Walk

The thoroughfare between Moulton Road and Farriers Grange (also referred to locally as the “Woodland Walk“) is losing the conifers that line the boundary with Lanwades Business Park.

Work to remove the trees has already started, and will likely be completed in the coming few days.  There is an expectation that shrubs (nature and type undisclosed) will be planted to replace the trees.

[The following are the opinions of the author of this piece.  No claim to represent the entire community is made.]

Why is the loss of these trees important?

Leaving aside the question of whether or not you like conifers just for a moment, consider the following:

1) They form a natural screen between the Business Park and the residents of Farriers Grange.  This screen helps reduce noise, blocks the glare of artificial lighting (used on the business site for security and safety reasons, etc.) and must surely have some sound dampening effect.

2) They provide nesting and roosting opportunities for our local avian population.  Nesting high in the dense foliage of these trees provides some degree of protection against predators.

3) They provide welcome greenery throughout the dark and dingy days of winter.  Our semi-rural environment is changing, rapidly, and, in the opinion of at least one long term resident, not for the better.

4) Trees are a net absorber of CO2; shouldn’t we therefore be doing everything we can to preserve those we have left?

It is likely (although definitely not confirmed) that these trees are being removed as a result of the projected cost of ongoing maintenance.  Once ownership of this thoroughfare is transferred to the local council, it will be us, the taxpayers that have to foot this bill.

Recent studies show that the disconnect between us and the natural environment can be damaging for our mental health.  The pressure to remove trees and natural spaces from our built environment is relentless.  For those of you that prefer a vista of concrete, bricks and tarmac, congratulations, you’re in luck.

Sadly, for those that admire the majesty of trees and enjoy a little greenery in our lives, even if it is becoming limited to a row of conifers pinched between developments, this is just another blow.

There has to be a balance in all things.  However, for the reasons cited above, there has to be a suspicion that a ‘figure in an accounting spreadsheet‘ has outweighed all other considerations in this instance.

The ‘new’ view

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